Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 84

What a glorious morning here at the Mohican! :) It was in the low 40s with no wind for the 11-miler today.

The pace was good. I kept it around 7:30 for most of the run around my little .25-mile circle parking lot. :) The reason I don't usually hit the road away from the lodge is because it isn't lit and it's nothing but steep hills. Those are ok, but not for speed work.

At the 7-mile mark today, the Holy Spirit prompted me to tackle the hills. He had a good point that it would help me prep for Boston's Heartbreak to run the last few miles pushing the pace on steep terrian.

Whew! It took me a circle around the parking lot to get the courage, but I obeyed. :) It was great! And I was blessed by one last moment with the serene, woodsy beauty of this place.

It was a great run. But aren't they all? Praise God. :)

Prayer request:
-For our brave soldiers and their families
-For continued healing and protection of my feet
-For safe travel home
-For rest tonight. (a great week, but no sleep!)
-For a quality recovery run tomorrow
-For Military Ministry

Thanks so much, team! You guys rock!


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