Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 68...

HALLELUJAH!! Two HUGE praises today!

1. The K-LOVE interview was played today on both K-LOVE and AIR 1! As a matter of fact, I was blessed to hear it on my way home from the airport. PRAISE GOD!!! This is exactly what we prayed would happen! That people would hear about Military Ministry through this race team and be spurred into action.

SPECIAL MESSAGE for those of you who are visiting this for the first time from K-LOVE: Welcome!! I'm so glad you stopped by to check things out! This is the daily training blog site. Visit for daily updates on training and Military Ministry. AND click on the link under my profile picture to contribute to the fundraising goal! We're raising $10,000 for the troops together!

2. Second praise: The run today was fantastic!! I woke up with the intention of turning in the typical Tuesday 9 miles of intervals for my speed work, but I had a Holy Spirit moment on the road and was spurred to go one more mile. Praise God!! It was such a great decision! The run was amazing. The speed was fantastic! The weather was gorgeous! (Did I tell you all where I was going when I left? I was in Florida.)

One very cool thing about Florida? Everyone bikes or walks there so there are TONS of sidewalks and paths. It was paradise! I never once had to circle anything or run on dangerous roads. AND I got to wear shorts this morning!! My legs hadn't seen daylight in months!

Gosh, what a great run. What a great day! I'm just so stinkin' grateful. As I listened to the K-LOVE interview and the words that I shared about the injury in '09 and how God had a bigger vision for Boston for me than what I had for myself...It's so true. Last year, if I'd run this marathon, it would have been only about me and checking it off my dream list. But when He took it away, He knew what He was doing. He was planning something more amazing than I ever could have imagined. Something that would bless those men and women serving our country and defending our freedom. Wow. Who am I that He would use my legs and my story to bring "faith to the foxhole and hope to the home front"? Thank You, Lord. Your grace and love overwhelm me.

AND, so do my teammates! Your encouragement and prayers have been a daily inspiration, and I appreciate them so much! Here are the daily prayer requests:

1. For the interview on K-LOVE to be heard by the right people! Especially military personnel who are in need of Military Ministry's support and resources.
2. For my cranky left knee (acting up again today) and for the ache in the right foot.
3. For our fantastic, amazing troops and military chaplains.
4. For the fundraiser in McPherson on SATURDAY!! :) SO excited!
5. For a great recovery run tomorrow!

Thanks again, friends! You are amazing.

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