Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12...

MAN! Today I realized why most athletes cite Philippians 4:13 as their favorite Bible verse. "I can do everything through Him who gives me strength." AMEN!!

I was a little curious to see how this morning's workout would go. It would be my first attempt at doing a speed workout at 5:00 a.m. Typically, my legs are NOT ready to spin fast that early. Running easy is no problem, but dropping the hammer is another story.

But, man ALIVE! This morning was AWESOME!!! I turned in 8.25 miles total. An easy mile warm-up, two miles at 7:40, one mile at 7:13, two miles at 7:30, one mile at 6:53, all with either a quarter or half-mile easy in between. Sa-weet!!! Thank You, Lord!

Now, let me be honest. It was HARD work! Especially that first two-miler in there. Wow! That took some convincing to finish. But praise the Lord for everything. I had asked for endurance and for speed, and He certainly held up His end of the bargain. If He hadn't been there pushing me, I would have cut my workout down. But His Spirit prompted me to keep going and inspired me the whole time.

Some days there is just nothing to say other than, "Praise God." Today is one of those days. He surprises me every day with how He strengthens and inspires me to keep going. His strength is so much greater than my own. Even when I'm on the treadmill at 5:00 after a short night's sleep (forgot to mention that part--another reason to praise).

I tell you what. If you read this, I challenge you to find a way to experience God's strength for yourself this week. There is so much to be gained and learned when we allow Him to show up in ways that we couldn't without Him. Complacency yields no fruit. Perseverance and endurance DO! Embrace it, whatever it is, and finish strong. Then, sit back and...PRAISE GOD. :)

Ciao, friends!


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