Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 19...

After traveling back from the West Coast yesterday, I was curious as to whether or not jet-lag would affect my speed workout this morning. Nope!! :) Praise the Lord! It was an awesome time on the road. I actually got to go outside in the 34-degree weather and try my first attempt at outdoor speed work.

When it comes to speed training, treadmills can be easier in terms of hitting goal times. You just set the belt at the pace you need to go and force your legs to keep up. haha! Sometimes that's tougher, too. You don't ever get to let up or down. But either way, it keeps you steady and makes sure you hit your marks! When you go outside, it's all on you to keep pushing yourself to the pace you need to hit.

Today, the times were spot-on! I gave it an easy 1-mile warm-up and then did 2 miles at 7:40ish followed immediately by one mile of 6:50ish. I took one mile to recover at an easy pace and then did another 2-miler at 7:30 followed by the last mile at 6:45. It was perfect! Exactly what I would have aimed for! :)

When I do speedwork, I usually trade my podcast sermon in for music all the way through. It's so much harder to keep a fast pace when I'm trying to digest the spiritual wisdom of Chip Ingram. haha! Today's motivation came straight from Mandisa, whose True Beauty album has been a bit of a standard for me in the training thus far. She belts out the encouragement I need in such a fun, uplifting way! It really helps me to remember WHO I am training for. I'm working hard for the troops, but why? Because Christ came to heal their wounds. He is the goal. He is the reason. He is the aim. He is the finish line. :)

Thank You, Lord! May we all be inspired to run for Him today.



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