Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day Two...

This morning was a great lesson in submission and wisdom. It's hard for me when I have things "planned out" to reorient myself when plans appear to change. That was the case this morning. After patting myself on the back for enduring two days on the treadmill, I was really focused on getting back outside for a run today. I was going to get up early to beat the traffic and enjoy the fresh air.

Um...Not when it's -1 degrees outside.

For starters, I just don't have the kind of equipment to endure that. Gloves, for one. That's one of my constant battles. I have a nice pair of Nike gloves, but for some reason (I have NO idea how this happens), the minute I put them on, my hands FREEZE. It's like they're locked in some ice chamber. haha! When the "good" gloves fail you, what do you do? Up to a certain temperature, I double up on cheap gloves and cover them with mittens. That seems to keep the body heat flowing between the fingers. But, at -1, that would last about 30 seconds. :)

So I made the wise decision to go to the treadmill one more time. I was thoroughly disappointed and not looking forward to the spinning belt and static scenery. Treadmills are easier on your body, but way tougher on your mind. At least for me. If you're prepared mentally, they can produce some of the best speedwork and training runs. But if you're not prepared for the mental boredom, you are in for a rough morning.

Thank God, today was just a 6-miler. Had it been any longer, it would have been pretty torturous. But, wisdom is always wise. :) And I was surely blessed for being in there. I had a great time with my "Jesus Run" playlist on my iPod, followed by a great sermon from Chip Ingram to finish things up. And I even got to catch the visual highlights from the Sugar Bowl while I was at it. :) I gotta go Google what Tim Tebow's eye-black verse was this time. I saw it was from Ephesians, but I couldn't see the reference.

Tomorrow should be interesting. It's a 12-miler at 7:00 with my buddy, Jackie. I'm SO thankful that she'll be with me. It will be amazing to brave the cold with a friend. Praise God!


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