Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23...

Today's run was pre-empted by the Holy Spirit. And I don't mind at all! :) I woke up with a sense of rearranging my plans and moving my long run to tomorrow morning so I could run with Jackie. I tell you what...the long runs sure seem a lot shorter when they are run with a buddy. I can't wait! We're going out for 13-15 at 7:30. Praise the Lord for supplying me with a teammate! Pray for us as we run tomorrow morning--for strength, health, joy and protection...And good weather. ;)

Yesterday afternoon, I opened the Military Ministry newsletter to catch up on what the troops were doing in Haiti. Lo and behold! I scrolled to the bottom of the e-mail and saw my own little face grinning back at me! YEE HAW!!! :) We're officially on the board!! :) The newsletter contained a small piece about this initiative and my running for MM at Boston to raise funds. Then, they attached a link to a Web site that they'd created for me. Yesssssssss! :) I'm so fired up about getting this going! After being in training for just over three weeks, I'm broken in and ready to rock. Now, it's time to start putting together the pieces of the bigger puzzle: Racing for our troops.

Before I post the web site that they've created, I want to talk to Miss Brenda to make sure that everything is a "go." But you can be sure I'll be posting it soon. It's time to take this to the streets and raise some much-needed $$$ for a most-awesome cause! Let's get ready to bless our troops with the love of Jesus! The only love that can heal all wounds and mend every broken place in our hearts--whether they're caused by war or peace.

I want to share one quick link to a video that might just stir in your heart. It certainly did me. It's the testimony of Robert and Amy Nuttall. This brave man went from "PTSD to Pastor." You will be moved.

And this is why I run.

Bless you all!

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