Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25...

Praise the Lord for His intervention! :) Even more evidence that He has this all under control happened this morning as I headed for the treadmill. Let me explain...

Yesterday, I went in to buy new running shoes. Yee haw!! It's ALWAYS a great day when you get new shoes. Your feet feel like they are being pampered with new cushion that you'd left behind 400 miles ago in the old ones. SO good!

But it was so weird yesterday. I went to the running store to buy my standard shoe. It never changes. I always get the Saucony Ride size 8.5. But this time, I went in, tried them on, and they were a bit too small. What? What's going on?

Now, this creates a dilemma. For runners mid-training, you do NOT want to mess with your footwear. If something is working, you don't mess it up, especially when it comes to the feet. Those can create SO many injuries. Or they can carry you through the best training. But when your feet are hitting the ground in them so many times over and over, a lot rides on those little guys.

So, the fact that my shoe wasn't guaranteed, really threw me off. I tried on the size 9s, but they were a little big. But the 8.5s were just a bit snug. What do I do?

Well, I decided to stick with the 8.5s and try them out. BUT, I could only return them if I ran indoors. They won't take them back if you run on them outside. So, it wasn't even an option that I'd run outside today. I had to try my new kicks out on the treadmill.

Hallelujah! :) When I stepped outside to head to the gym, I was BLASTED by a strong gust of wind and some piercing ice/snow junk. Attempting to run in that would have been absolute torture. But I never would even have considered the treadmill if I hadn't have had the shoe dilemma.

Lesson for the day: God is faithful and awesome and in control.

Oh, and by the way, I think I'll keep the 8.5s. I might lose the pinky toenail on my right foot, but they did well this morning. :)

Prayer requests:
-Slight ache in the arch of my right foot. Pray against plantar fascitis.
-Continued strength and grace on my left knee.
-For our awesome and amazing troops out there battling through way more challenging circumstances than marathons.
-For Military Ministry and God's favor over them!


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