Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31...

Strike up the hallelujah chorus!!! Praise God! The 18-miler this morning went SO well! There was no pain in either my knee or my shin, and Jackie and I cranked it out with a slow, but steady 8:20 average pace. The sun was shining; there was almost no wind. It was cold, cold to start, but by the end of the run, we were warm and toasty under the Sunday sunshine. What a glorious day!!

I tell you what. . . Sometimes I think that God allows pain in my body in order to put me on HIS time schedule. haha! Of course, there are many more reasons than that (let's say my level of faith and my attitude), but if I had run on Saturday, I would have been remissed. A--I would have missed out on Jackie's company for 2.5 hours. B--I would have been way colder. C--I would have been WAY stressed because of the move that was happening that day. (By the way, a HUGE shout out to my moving crew. They were AMAZING!! Best moving experience ever! I was SO stinkin' blessed. Thank you ALL!!)

Anyway...What was I saying?

Oh, yes! Okay, God allows pain to put me on His schedule. I don't always like it. In fact, I rarely do. But that's part of learning to surrender every day to Him. That's part of learning to trust Him fully. Saying, "Lord, today is Yours. Your will be done; not mine." That's especially hard for me when it comes to training. I'm on a schedule that is pretty specific. Each day I am to follow a set plan that is designed to get me in physical shape to run 26.2 miles and finish with a fast time and a smile. If I don't do the runs, then that doesn't happen.

Here's the kicker. I think in the back of my head, God doesn't understand running. Yes, He's God, but he's no Hal Higdon or Bart Yasso. Does He really know how to line up training runs so that they are the most productive? Does He really understand the specifics of a speed workout?

haha! I honestly am having a revelation here. I am realizing right now that I don't believe God knows a thing about it. That's hilarious! What a lie I've believed, and I hadn't even known it! :)

Who designed the human body??? Do I not believe that He knows exactly how it works and how it functions at its best? That's ridiculous.

"Thank You, Lord, for exposing the lie that I've believed that You aren't in the 'know' about running. Forgive me, Lord, for my hideous and ridiculous pride. Forgive me when I trust in human wisdom over Yours. You are the creator of my body. You are the designer and the ultimate trainer and coach. You know it better than I do, that's for sure. You know my capability, because You designed me. I ask YOU to take over the training plan fully. May I always trust You above it. Yes, I will follow it, but I will trust You more. Thank You for being gracious with me, Lord. I commit this all to You! Help me to trust You more fully in everything, not just running. Thank You, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."

Okay, I'm off to go unpack some more...and do laundry...and break down boxes...and organize my kitchen...and set up my bathroom. hahaha! Happy Sunday, everyone!


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