Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 16...

Last night I had a dream. I'm visiting two of my dearest friends in California, and, in my dream, I was trying to find a place to run down by Monterey Bay, which is close to their house. In this dream, I was so focused on completing the run that when I came to a dangerous cliff, I didn't stop. I HAD to complete the run. So, I followed a slippery slope that led pretty much straight down and ran over the cliff and into the bay.

Here's one of my issues...I always have anxiety dreams about runs when there's a variable involved. Today's variable was running in a new environment when I didn't know where I'd be going or what the terrain would be like. It's one of the issues that I know God wants to address with me. He wants me to understand that I can and should trust Him with EVERYTHING about this. He's the One who has called me to this, so why would He not provide the place for me to complete it? Still, I agonized about it in my sleeping subconscious--which honestly revealed my true heart. I didn't trust Him to take care of it and thought He would abandon me to a crappy situation.

SO not the case. I had the most GLORIOUS 16-mile run this morning, which is the farthest I've run in a year since I'd been hurt with IT Band syndrome. It was full of hills, ocean views, quaint wharf shops, beautiful trees, sea smells and even history (John Steinbeck, anyone?). The middle miles of the run were even up-tempo and felt amazing. Total overall pace: 8:05. Fantastic!! :)

Bottom line: God. Is. Faithful. He brings us into unknown situations so that we can learn that He is trustworthy and in control. That He will bless us when we follow Him. Today, although skeptical and with a wrong heart, I did follow Him. And He blessed my socks off! :) Thank You, Lord. You are faithful!

Ciao, friends!!


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