Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day Six...

What a fabulous day for indoor running! haha! This is the kind of day that makes you absolutely PRAISE GOD for treadmills! :) There's a blizzard going on outside, but through the miracle of technology, I can still get in the training.

Today's run was a nice, easy 6-miler to recover from the speedwork yesterday. It was fabulous! And thank God for this: no pain in the knee! :) He is so good to me. And it appeared as if there were even more blessings in store for this morning's run other than just the warmth of the fitness center. While I was in there, I met two of the kind people who live in my complex. One was a young woman training for her first half marathon. The other was the sweetest 81-year-old man who had retired from a life of coaching and sports administration. We had the best conversation, and it was the most pleasant 5 a.m. run I'd had in a long time.

I'm finding out that life is always better together. Today's run was a great lesson in that. God often gives us difficult challenges in life, but most often He won't ask us to endure them alone. He will give us a support system to encourage us along the way. He's shown me that through Jackie; He's shown it to me in past training with Ashley and Amy; and He showed it to me today with two random strangers. Hopefully, if I see them again, they will become friends.

Ciao for today!

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