Monday, January 4, 2010

Day Four...

Today, I got an e-mail from a friend of mine that broke my heart. Currently, her brother is deployed overseas, and his wife had e-mailed my friend to let me know of a prayer request for two families in their unit. Two families who would be receiving word that their husbands/fathers wouldn't be returning from the war.

Right now, those families need our prayers. The men that they loved and the men that they supported and served have paid the ultimate price for our humanly freedoms. I hope that they are resting in peace with the Lord right now and that the horrors of war have been removed permanently from their recollection.

My morning run was painful today. I went outside in the single-digit cold with sub-zero wind chills and slipped around on the snow-packed streets. Not having quality gloves, my fingertips felt like they were being stabbed with tiny knives for 3/4 of the hour-long run. When I finally made it back to the apartment, and the hands began to adjust to the warmth, the pain grew even worse--so much so that I was reduced to tears. Even now, as I type on my lunch break, they still hurt.

But it doesn't matter. None of that pain matters in the least. I haven't lost a husband. I merely had to run for 50-odd minutes before my pain was eased. There are families today who are dealing with pain that will take a lifetime to heal. It may never go away.

"Lord Jesus, You alone know the depth of the pain these families are experiencing. And You alone can comfort them. I pray that You would speak into their hearts today and give them unimaginable peace. I pray that You would, over time, draw them to Your side through this. And, as difficult as it may be, would You allow them to experience You and Your unfailing love. In Your name I pray. Amen."

As I get started on this training program, I am reminded of how important the cause is for which I am running. Thank You, Jesus, for Military Ministry and for the support and love they provide in these very situations. If you want information on them now, please visit their web site ( And please stay tuned to this blog, as I will have information soon about how you can support and bless our troops who give so sacrificially for us every day.

God bless you all.


  1. Jillio - I am loving the blog! I am going to have to show it to the hubby. He is training for a marathon in April as well. This weather is sure causing problems, isn't it?!

    I am so thrilled to watch you run for the Lord!

    Thank you for sharing about the military ministry. I am glad to learn more.

    Love ya!

  2. What a blessing you are fore bringing this to all of our attention and how we can help. Our prayers are with all the military familes! Sure love you! <><

  3. Ok so I'm training also, and you've got to be kidding me, I HATE RUNNING ON A DEATHMILL, but I like the use of my fingers and eyes, etc. Run inside girl! You're going to kill yourself! You need to get a gym membership or USE yours everyday it's below oh you know something like 25 degrees!