Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21...

Ah...Kefir smootie and an ice bag. There's no better way to recover from a 10-mile tempo run. :) A very cool 7:27 average pace today on my favorite trail. :)

The 10-mile tempo run has GOT to be my all-time favorite workout. It feels absolutely amazing to find that point of pushing yourself just a little faster than is comfortable for a long distance. You feel so powerful! When that stride is measured and rhythmic. You have to consciously think about pushing yourself the whole time, but you're not consumed by fatigue or out of breath. You just flat-out feel powerful.

Honestly, I think that's one enjoyable secret that all Christian runners get to be in on. When we challenge our bodies like that, we get to experience God's physical strength in an absolutely powerful and astounding way. Man, when He shows up in your body like that, there's nothing you can say, but "Hallelujah!" Sure, other runners get to experience the same power, but when they do, they think that they've accomplished something in their own strength. Unfortunately, that empty pride gets them nowhere. Trust me...I know what that's like. Even as a Christian, I get that confused sometimes and think I'm the source of my own power.

Pride is a killer. I've been really thinking about that verse I shared yesterday about being bought at a price. God paid for us with the blood of His Son. He redeemed us. He traded His Son's life for us. He died so that we could live. While that alone should be enough to drive us to humble and grateful tears, it's not the end of the story. He then keeps walking with us through life, blessing us, guiding us, protecting us, providing for us and working "all things" for our good (Romans 8:28).

God is great, and I'm humbled by His grace and love. That's the overall message for today. Thank You, Lord!

Prayer requests for anyone who is following along and wants to pray for this endeavor:

1. For our troops to be blessed with the love of Jesus and protected in battle and training.

2. For Military Ministry.

3. For me to be able to put on 5 pounds despite the mileage increase; wisdom for what to put in my body.

4. Continued protection over my IT band and back (small ache).

Thanks so much, team! Ciao for today!


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