Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15...

"Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you; love her, and she will watch over you." - Proverbs 4:6

Thank You, Lord, for Your protection and wisdom!

Today, I was so set on running outside. I had been blessed so much by yesterday's run, that the thought of going back to the treadmill was just dreadful. When I got up and checked the weather, though, the temperature was only 26 degrees. Not good when you've had a massive thaw the day before. The refrozen streets were sure to make the run as dangerous as running on oil.

Foolish little me...In my pre-run prayer time, I tried to ignore Wisdom as she called out to me, telling me to go to the treadmill. Pretending I didn't hear the Holy Spirit's voice, I prayed according to my own will. "Lord, please keep me safe as I run on the streets today. Give me sure footing and help me not to slip."

Thankfully, the Holy Spirit got louder. I knew I was being stupid, and the word "wisdom" just kept flashing through my mind.

So, I surrendered. I put on my gym clothes and headed for the treadmill instead. And was it bad? Absolutely not! It was such a blessed 7-miler! And I didn't slip once. :)

Here's the kicker, and why this is so telling. . . Later that morning, as I was leaving the apartment to go to work, I totally biffed it on the ice! I mean, sprawled out, flat on the ground in the parking lot. The black ice was pooled around my car, and I'd never even thought to watch out for it.

Running outside today would have been worse than Bambi's first go-round on the frozen pond. Who knows how I would have hurt myself? But thank the Lord for Wisdom and for her protection. May we all seek her and HEED her today.

Ciao, friends!


P.S. Quick prayer requests:

-For the slight ache in my arch on my right foot.

-For the switch-up of the off day to Sunday.

-For the 16-miler in a new environment tomorrow. (Monterey, California, here I come!)

-For our amazing troops! That the Lord would reach them through this race effort and training.

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