Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 24...

What a GORGEOUS morning for a run! The only weather factor was the wind. But who cared when the sun was finally shining? :) Jackie and I hit the trail for an awesome, easy-paced 8:20/avg. 15-miler. And after not seeing her for two weeks, we had tons to catch up on, and that always makes the miles fly by. It felt like no time at all! Though, I'm pretty sure I wrecked my shoes beyond repair. haha! We had to splash through quite a few mud puddles, and any space that used to be white on my Sauconys is now black or brown. :) Que sera sera.

The quote for the day comes from a song we sang at church this morning. "If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking." Woah. I know I've sung that before, but I don't think I've ever noticed it before, or really thought about it at least.

Have you ever thought about the enormity of God's grace? For me, it's a totally overwhelming thought. And I don't know if I've ever heard a better word picture for it than in that lyric. His grace is so wide and deep that if we were to be dropped in the middle of it, we'd be completely absorbed. Kind of like an 800-person Kansas farm town dotted on a map of the world. (Hey, Canton!)

But that word picture isn't true. Not even close. As vast as that is, God's grace is so much bigger than an ocean. Isn't that NUTS? As much grace as I experience every day as I train and run. As much as I know His grace covers my knee, my schedule, my mind, my every step...those are just bubbles in His ginormous grace pool.

It makes me think about every anxious thought I have before I go to bed the night before a long or tough run. "Will I make it? Will I have enough energy? What if I don't get enough sleep? What if I don't hit my times?" Jill, do you hear yourself? Stop putting it all on YOU! This is about God! HE is the One who supplies every need and every ounce of energy. Your body is HIS! This training is HIS! And it is HIS ocean of grace that will see it through.

Awesome. :)


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